O’Learys Västerås is one of the world’s largest O’Learys. With our 4000m2, we really welcome Social Eatertainment! With us, sport is important, it is part of our big heart. And in Västerås we are by far the largest sports bar.

What we offer

We want as many people as possible to feel welcome, and that is why we offer so much more.

But we don't stop there, our Club Stage is really starting to come to life with artists screaming nostalgia, and artists with millions of streams. Every Friday and Saturday, our restaurant scene is visited by entertainers who play both piano and guitar and create a pleasant atmosphere. So we dare to stand out and write that we give the most to the most, with joy! A warm welcome to O’Leary’s Västerås

What Mälekon Students can get from O’Learys

Points 1-6 applies provided that a valid digital membership card can be presented as proof of the student's membership with Mälekon.