Terms and Conditions

Membership terms

You are able to take part in all events and activities that the association arranges as a member of the Mälekon’s student association. You can also be involved and influence what the association will look like, such as influencing what work and projects the association should engage in. You will also be provided a profiled membership card from the Student Card (STUK) in your mobile.


The Mälekon’s student association is responsible for personal data for all information provided on this webpage and the processing of it. The information you provide to us is treated confidentially and in accordance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).


As a member you allow your information to be shared with:

  • Student Card in Sweden AB (STUK). You will become a member of STUK and receive information about student discounts. By becoming a member of STUK and Mälekon, you will also be able to obtain the Mälekon’s student membership card in the Student Card’s app “STUK”. You may need to present your Mälekon card at events organized by the Mälekon’s student Association or other events that require you to show proof of membership.

  • Sveriges Ekonomföreningars Riksorganisation (In English: The Swedish Economic Association’s National Organization, S.E.R.O.). S.E.R.O is an organization that supports and acts like a safety net for Sweden’s economic associations and unions, in which the Mälekon Student Association is a member of. We, as an association, may need to show our member list, in order to take part in their financial project support.


As a member of the Mälekon’s student Association you approve: 

  • That the association may publish photos and videos of you on the association’s social media that’s been taken during the events arranged by the Mälekon’s student association or events which the student association is taking part of. If a member does not agree, the member shall contact the marketing committee on this matter for further action: marknadsforing@malekon.se


NOTE! If you want to withdraw your membership from the Mälekon’s association after you’ve signed up, email sekreterare@malekon.se


If you have any questions regarding the terms and conditions, please contact the Mälekons board.