SM in Economics

Test your knowledge at the same time as you compete for the opportunity to win SEK 45,000. This is a good merit to have on your CV, at the same time as it is an experience that you won’t soon forget.

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SM i Ekomoni Exempel (måste ändras)
2021´s Finalists

Are you the next champion?

The Swedish Championships in Economics is a championship competition and a conference, instituted by the Swedish Association of Economic Associations (S.E.R.O.). The competition is aimed at all economics students from different universities throughout Sweden.

Ekonomernas line association Mälekon arranges one of the sub-competitions where the winning team can go to the semifinals/finals and compete against other student teams.

What´s required out of you to participate?

You could be in any semester, as long as you have a maximum of 210 credits! You also need to be a member of Mälekon or another economic-related student association whilst you are enrolled for full-time studies! If you do not have any teammates, sign up anyway, and we will help you with this

How does it work?

The team may preferably consist of members from different year groups, with different majors. The competition will consist of an exam covering all the different aspects of economics and also current events related to economics. The writing will last for three hours, during which you and your team will investigate the questions and present your answers in the exam.

The winning team at Mälardalen University will go to the semi-finals/finals and compete while attending lectures and dinners with students from all the different universities. In the final, the teams will compete for a prize of SEK 65 000. In addition to the prize, this is an opportunity to have a ROLE TIME, while connecting with both companies and other students.

Now it´s time for YOU and your friends to sign up for an unforgettable trip!

Need help?
If you want to help, but do not want to compete, can also contact us, the education committee

For registration and/or more information about the competition, please do not hesitate to contact us