Mälekon welcomes all economic related programs in MDU Västerås to join our student association. Those included in MDU are:

The International Business Management (IBM) program is a three-year bachelor's program that provides the foundation for professional specialization in business administration with in-depth management from an international perspective. An important part of the program is close contact with the community, teachers, and other students. Through these contacts, you create your future network already during your studies. You also have the opportunity, which is also encouraged, to participate in exchange programs for one or two semesters in another country. This gives you the opportunity to gain new experiences, expand your network and develop your intercultural and linguistic skills.

Learning includes traditional lectures, but also requires active participation in the courses, essay writing, presentations, and discussions in seminar form. The education also develops your personal skills regarding, among other things, oral/written presentations, problem-solving, entrepreneurship, critical thinking, information retrieval, assessment of the material, and group work.

The International Business Management program gives you the theoretical foundation as well as the knowledge and tools that are as relevant to a career in small to multinational companies, as entrepreneurship at an international level. Both in private or public companies, as well as non-profit organizations. After completing the degree, you can work in Sweden or abroad, such as as a manager, project manager, marketing manager, buyer, salesman, or start your own company.

Check out MDU's page about IBM for more information.

The economics program gives you both a secure foundation and a professional specialization in the economic field. The program focuses the first three semesters on a broad foundation in business administration, economics, commercial law, and statistics, after which you choose your own specialization. You can choose to immerse yourself in digital business development, management, marketing, or accounting.

During the program, you have the opportunity to study abroad where MDU participates in several networks for international exchange and has collaboration agreements with many foreign universities, which may give you an edge when it's time to enter the labor market. Central to the program is also the close contact with the business community, teachers, and other students throughout their studies. Also, this enables you to create a network of contacts for working life.

The economics program prepares you for a long and developing professional career. You develop the qualities required for qualified, independent, and project-oriented work. You work in a broad international and national labor market in both the private and public sectors. As an economist, you have the knowledge and abilities to value complex economic contexts and decision-making situations. An economist can work, for example, as a finance manager, accountant, accounting economist, analyst, business consultant, project manager, marketer, buyer, controller, salesman, or become self-employed.

Check out MDU's page on the Economics program for more information.

The Bachelor's program in Analytical Finance prepares you for an exciting career in the international financial world through extensive knowledge of mathematics, in order to be able to carry out quantitative analyzes of financial markets and the management of financial portfolios, for example. During the first two years, the program lays the foundation for a career in the areas of mathematics / applied mathematics, finance, economics, and business administration. In the third year, you then choose a specialization, either towards mathematics / applied mathematics with a specialization in financial mathematics or towards economics.

During the training, you will be taught by teachers who are professionals in the financial sector together with teachers who do research at the university. This means that you get to take part in the latest research in the field at the same time as you get in close contact with the business community. As Analytical Finance is internationally oriented and the program is given in English, it also attracts international as well as Swedish students.

After the training, you will be competing for an attractive position in the banking, investment, or insurance industry, at a government agency such as Finansinpektionen, or a financial institution. With a focus on financial mathematics, you are also attractive in technology areas such as information technology. Students who have completed the program today work as financial analysts, risk analysts, financial engineers, business analysts, real estate analysts, and reinsurance executives.

Check out MDU's page on Analytical Finance for more information.

Financial Engineering is a carefully designed Master's programme, belonging to the popular educational area of financial engineering. Focusing on both theoretical and quantitative computer-based methods of financial analysis, the programme provides an advanced basis in mathematics, oriented towards financial real-life problems.

Research is concentrated on financial mathematics, financial engineering, financial and risk management software, actuarial mathematics, applied statistics, stochastic processes and simulation. To prepare you for a senior position in finance, advanced financial software and programming languages are systematically used in the teaching process. You also have the opportunity to be involved in research activities.

The teachers of the programme are lecturers from both academia and the financial industry.

This Master's programme is internationally oriented and is taught entirely in English. 

Check out MDU's page about Financial Engineering for more

This one-year programme is designed to enhance your understanding of international marketing management and international marketing strategies in different markets, preparing you for a job position in international companies and organizations as well as in academia.

Courses in the programme offer research-based knowledge of international markets and marketing coupled with a practice-related understanding of different business contexts. The programme aims to educate students for a career that corresponds to the demands of tomorrow’s international business market setting, incorporating digitalisation and sustainabilty and responsible business logic in International Marketing.

Thus, your future position as an international marketer and international business specialist starts in the classroom, where you will have the opportunity to learn and discuss with researchers in the field and develop the skills needed for an international career by collaborating with multinational and multicultural peers.

To ensure the quality of learning, besides written exams, you will also be assessed by taking active part in seminars, workshops, simulations and projects which entail written and oral presentations on multiple occasions.

Check out MDU's page on Master's in International Marketing for more information.