The Social Committee

The Social committee is responsible for most of Mälekon’s events, and our aim is to bring people together besides school as well. We are in close contact with other unions to enable networking with all students from our university, trying to bring balance and lots of fun to the student life here in Västerås! We team up with different venues in the area to find the most suitable places for our mix of events, taking into account everyone’s preferences and schedules. Our biggest goal is to maintain the Mälekon community and ensure everyone can get the most out of their time as a student, by creating many memories with new friends! Do you have some ideas or suggestions you would want to include? Email us so we can have the best year possible!

Do you have ideas for events or questions?

Nicole Sahlén, Chairperson of Social at Mälekon, fostering a vibrant and inclusive community through engaging social initiatives.

Nicole Sahlén


Hello everybody. My name is Nicole Sahlén and I am the chairperson of social. I am studying in the second year of the economics program and know for myself that we students need something more than just studying. So my job is to plan all the events we have such as sittningar, parties and other things for you members. Hope to see you all in every future events we will have in Mälekon

More about me
Shotmaster and I'm from Örebro.
Previous Education
Previous vice chairperson of marketing and studying the second year of the economics program.
Nothing, I think

Jennifer Vihlman


Hello everybody! My name is Jennifer Vihlman, I’m the vice chairperson of social.

More about me

Hello everybody! My name is Jennifer Vihlman, I'm the vice chairperson of social. My role is to help Nicole with planning and organising the event that we host for everyone! I'm studying my first year of the international business management program. You can find me in the library, kåren, R-house or out in the city of Västerås.

Previous Education
Feel free to grab me by the sleeve if you have something on your mind:)
I have worked in the municipal youth council for a year during high school.
Jennifer Vihlman, Vice Chairperson of Social at Mälekon, contributes to creating a vibrant and inclusive community within the student union

We happily take requests for events

We’d love to hear what events other students would like to participate in. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have an idea. It could be anything, such as: game nights or study evenings, you name it! We’ll be eagerly waiting for your suggestions.