The Chairpersons of Mälekon

The main task of chairperson and vice chairperson is to oversee the works of each committee and set the strategy for the whole board to work towards. By arranging meetings with each committee we brainstorm ideas together over the challenges and come up with a plan to benefit both Mälekon and it’s partners. In monthly meetings they report and discuss with others to lead the association towards their goals. We also have the responsibility to connect with other associations and the university to be able to provide good care for their members and offer a better student life for them.

Linus Persson


Glad you made it here. My name is Linus and I’m on my second year of studies. Im the chairperson of this years Mälekon board. My duties as a chairperson is to support all the committees in the board and to assist where necessary. I am involved throughout the different projects and activities that Mälekon hosts. The role as chairperson also involves being the contact person for Mälekon which involves communicating within the board and other associations or businesses.

More about me
I was once crowned the smartest idiot in a game of chance. Whatever that means.
Previous Education
Excluding the mandatory schooling I've read some math courses.
Tried my hand in different lines of work for a few years before landing in the business side of things. More things to come.
Linus Persson, Chairperson of Mälekon, contributing to the growth and development of the student union through dedicated leadership
Sarah Moukadam, Vice Chairperson of Mälekon, bringing insightful leadership and strategic vision to steer the student union's initiatives.

Sarah Moukadam


Welcome to my little biography, I’m Sarah and I’m the vice chairperson for Mälekon. I’m currently on my third and last year of the IBM program. My position involves helping all the committees reach their objectives and that everything is flowing smoothly. Additionally to supporting the chairperson.

More about me
I love editing videos and also from time to time I love to do some weightlifting.
Previous Education
I’m studying the IBM program and I’m currently at my third and last year!
I have had some leadership experiences, of which a shift leader at KFC during my high school years, which taught me a lot about myself and my type of leadership.

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