The Marketing Committee

The main task of the Marketing Committee is to conduct work to reach out, with information about news and events, to the economics students at Mälardalen University.

By conducting various marketing campaigns, the goal is to achieve such great interest in both Mälekon and the association, as well as in the university and the study time that the students are in. The committee works with various tools to reach out to the students, through; posters, personal information in classes, flyers, and through social communication networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and the website.

Several different marketing tools are also used for marketing different kinds of events, all to create as informative communication as possible. We are always open to ideas and help to be able to improve the communication channels, so feel more than welcome to contact us at

Caio Sobrinho, Chairperson of Marketing at Mälekon, standing confidently, ready to drive innovative marketing strategies for the student union.

Caio Sobrinho


Salutations! Coming all the way from the wonderful land of Brazil 🇧🇷, yours truly, Caio Sobrinho. 🤙🏼

Being this term’s Chairperson of Marketing I made it my personal goal to experiment and achieve my true potential in communication and design. 

I will be the one responsible for representing Mälekon and its board members, as well as expanding our brand recognition. Spreading current and precise information to all students. 🫡

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Here's a duck: 🦆

Previous Education

Spend my whole life thinking I wanted to be a lawyer just to change my mind after the second year of law school 🤡

Following, I decided to try out anything I could find, including design, sustainable leadership and management. After getting the hand of it I decided to go for International Business Management.


I have always played around with graphical design as a side hobby. Always trying to study briefly the communication and marketing aspects of it to understand its potential. Being mainly my goal here, to explore those concepts and methods I grew to be fond.

I Worked briefly as an intern for the sales and marketing sector of a big company in my hometown. And there also accumulated some more knowledge related to the area, increasing my interest even more.


Fanni Simon



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Fanni Simon, Vice Chairperson of Marketing at Mälekon, exuding confidence and enthusiasm in driving marketing initiatives for the student union.

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